Cielo Blue Craft Beverages


Mezcal Animas is produced in the artisinal method of production in the town of Santiago Matatlan in Oaxaca Mexico. They have their own source of Espadin agaves and wait until the agaves reach 8 years maturity. Animas also sources their Papalometl agaves from Oaxaca, which is unique.  This particular variety is typically found in Durango, and the Papalometl mezcal is different than other mezcals from Cupreata varieties sourced from Durango. Animas offers three expressions, Espadin, 100% Papalometl and a blend or Ensemble of both agaves.  The blend is done in the old way of making mezcal in that the Espadin and Papalometl agaves are blended “pre-process”.  That means they are cooked, crushed and fermented together, and the result is a complex mezcal with a seemingly endless depth of flavors and aromas.